A quick delivery and a cheap price are great, but they don’t help much if your parts aren’t right. At Trec Industries, Inc., we understand that above all else, quality is critical to any project. The reliability of our quality is the foundation of our success. Through our staff of expert machinists, decades of experience and precision machinery, we have all the tools to give you a good part on-time, every time.

Quality Services Aerospace Quality

We take pride in offering the highest standard of products and service for every thing we do. From ensuring blemish-free finishes on visible surfaces to packaging finished product tightly to provide a smooth ride home, we understand that it’s all in the details!

Quality Requirements

Trec Industries, Inc. meets any of the current quality and documentation requirements customers might require, such as…

  • Traceable lots with material certification allow you to track the results of and verify your parts.
  • First Article Inspections Reports provide a comprehensive view of what your part actually measures.
  • Complete In-process Inspection Records demonstrate that your batch has been properly accepted through the use of Acceptable Quality Limit statistics.
  • Comprehensive/Up-to-date Gage System means that you can trust all of the inspection results you’re provided.
  • Focus on on-time delivery and customer satisfaction keeps us always striving to offer the best possible service and meet all customer expectations.
  • Corrective / Preventive Action Reports seek to prevent issues before they cause a problem and ensure that they could never occur in the future.

… these all make it clear to see how Trec Industries, Inc. is prepared to take on any project you may have!