Over its 30 plus years in business, Trec Industries, Inc. has produced a vast array of parts from nearly any industry imaginable and our group of expert machinists will have the right solution for any part. Anything from small precision actuator housings to large vehicle sub-frames, we’ll get it done right and on-time, the first time.

As a contract precision machining company, Trec Industries, Inc. has state-of-the-art CNC milling and turning machines to handle almost any size production run. At the same time, our manual machining department ensures that small batch and prototype jobs can be completed quickly and affordably.

Machining Machine Tool

Casting the Right Part

For Trec, machining castings has become an art. We recognize that the challenges that go into working with castings do not end at the foundry, but extend through the whole process. With our years experience machining castings of aluminum, steel and copper, we better understand issues like porosity, material stresses, core wear, and most importantly, we use that knowledge to get you a better part.

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Fabricating for Success

Another niche Trec has carved for itself is supplying and machining steel weldments and fabrications. We understand how to properly pre-machine and prepare the sub-assemblies prior to welding to ensure a precision part. Our larger vertical and horizontal machines are capable of handling some of the largest parts while still maintaining cost-effective efficiency for small to medium sized weldments. Combine those capabilities with decades of experience in supplying welded assemblies and a network of approved welders and fabricators, and you can rest assured that your projects are in reliable hands.

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Taking on the Tough Stuff

When everyone else would “No Quote” a job, Trec Industries, Inc. will be there to take on your most challenging projects. Whether it be razor thin .0005” tolerances, a required rush delivery, or complex engineering, there’s almost no obstacle that we cannot overcome.

While the bulk of our standard work is aluminum and low carbon steel, we’ve machined all manners of exotic materials from super-dense Tungsten blocks and hardened high-manganese armor plates to flame retardant plastics and work hardening Inconel. With our many years of experience in working with the unusual means that you can count on us to be able to produce nearly any part you may have.