Precision Machining & Metalworking

Since 1979, Trec Industries, Inc. has built a solid reputation for quality and dependability by using the latest CNC technology to transform raw materials and fabrications into finished parts. With a high-level quality system seldom seen in similar job shops and state-of-the-art tooling and machinery capable of working within tolerances of 0.0005”, Trec Industries, Inc. is positioned to take on nearly any project.

  • Cooper Castings
    Copper Castings are sourced and machined by
    Trec Industries, Inc.
  • Welded Steel
    Welded steel assemblies supplied and machined completely by
    Trec Industries, Inc.
  • Precision Pneumatic
    A precision pneumatic assembly of over 25 machined parts all supplied by
    Trec Industries, Inc.

Through the four pillars of the Trec philosophy…

  • T – Technology in precision machining, current with today’s practices.
  • R – Responsive and ready to support customer needs.
  • E – Education to continuously improve associates.
  • C – Commitment to customer satisfaction and supplier improvement.

…Trec has been able to establish itself as a premier contract manufacturer through an emphasis on each customer’s needs. Whether there be a focus on short-lead times, secondary operations or competitive pricing, Trec Industries, Inc. will satisfy any customer requirement.